Welcome to our Brand Design Project
  • April 17, 2017 10:26 am
  • by Bill Cara

Sometimes we overlook the most important things.  Being focused as we are about capital markets and performance, we often forget about personal communications.  So, in addition to building my Greenfield Decision Support System, I decided to undertake a comprehensive brand design project.

Like my techies, my designers are from the best in industry, but they need your help. They need to go back to basics.  They have specific things they are looking for such as what’s most important to you, how you or your clients invest money and what is most wanted out of investment services.

Of course, everyone seeks great performance but these designers are going to think about the issue from a holistic perspective.  They may also want your opinion on brand ideas they come up with.  This is the same tried and true research process used by companies like Proctor & Gamble and Samsung.

An interesting fact about Samsung, at their lowest point their CEO went into a US electronics store and saw his TVs stacked one on top of each other at the back of the store with a CLEARANCE sign.  He knew then and there that a new brand design was going to be a part of his company’s future and it was.  I too am now thinking that way as personal communication has not always been a top priority.

Anybody who becomes involved in our brand design project will be well compensated by free GDSS reports.


Bill Cara (billcara@billcara.com)


From our designers

Our goal is to understand what is truly needed by investors or traders who seek high quality financial services as well as by financial advisors who provide these services and then, working with Bill Cara, to design that brand from the bottom up.

We are all serious people, but we aim to make our engagement with you a fun and insightful conversation.

What do we need?

Within the next 45 days, we need about 45 minutes to one hour of your time.  Preferably, depending on locale, hopefully in the US north-east, two designers will come to you as we’d love to talk in the place where you make investment decisions. Or maybe there is a conference or meeting you will be attending in a city where we might meet.

How is the information you provide being used?

Any perspective you provide is for internal discussion, it’s a private and confidential conversation.  We are designers, so we don’t need to see any client financial statements or discuss strategies for example.  Also, nothing will be about marketing and sales. We’d like you to walk us through how you research ideas (if you do) and what web-sites you consult (if you do) that are most helpful and why. We will play some games like asking you to imagine your favorite investment site as a car brand. We’re really trying to learn about you.


Navid Sadikali (navid.sadikali@gmail.com)

Team Leader, Brand & Experience Design


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