As Independent Director, I am pleased to oversee the private offering of the company’s shares by way of prospectus exemption to friends, family and business associates (FF&BA), which commenced September 17. Subject to regulatory requirements, accredited investors may also consider this offering. As one of my followers, should you be interested and believe you qualify under securities rules, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Having already served our 5 millionth guest over the past 35 years, we believe our FF&BA base is numerous and worthy of our offer to invest directly in the initial offering of shares of the company. To reiterate, this is the website  of the holding company.  It is not a public website for the company’s brands, but an investor site for FF&BA. As such, this website in its entirety replaces our need for a hardcopy document that is typically hundreds of pages of text and photos, which would be read by very few of our close associates.

Click on the image below to visit Parentela International Inc website.