The single source best investment advice: Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch managed the legendary Fidelity Magellan Fund where he achieved annualized returns of nearly 30%. He is the author of several best-selling investing books. Although he retired in 1990, Peter’s words are immortal.


Along with the late Ian Notley (a market technician), I never received better investing advice.


These links to Peter Lynch talks provide an invaluable perspective on investing the right way:


Peter Lynch: How To Invest For Beginners


Peter Lynch: Everything You Need to Know About Investing in One Video


The Best Stock Tips from Hedge Fund Manager Peter Lynch


Peter Lynch: 75 Years of WISDOM in One Speech


Peter Lynch: Secrets to Picking Stocks in 2021 (Feb 5, 2021)


Peter Lynch: How to Invest in an Overvalued Market (2013)


Peter Lynch: 5 Strategies to Outperform the Market


Peter Lynch: 7 Tips to Consistently Outperform the Market


Peter Lynch: One Up On Wall Street Full Audiobook


Peter Lynch | Beating The Street | Full Audiobook


Even as a notable investor myself, I can spend hours listening to Peter Lynch.



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