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VIR Biotechnology Inc (NASDAQ: VIR) reviewed 10-15-2020

Market Cap: $5.0 Billion (USD)                   Share Price: $41.26 (USD)

Shares outstanding: 117,727,086 at 30 Jun 2020

Cash & cash equivalents: $371.78 Million (USD) at 30 Jun 2020

Debt: Nil. [Net Liabilities stated as $108 Million (USD) at 30 Jun 2020]

Insiders: Own 14.5%                        Institutional: 83 own approx. 75% of the float


Investor Presentations:

CEO: George Scangos, Ph.D.  HQs: San Francisco, CA

VIR Bio is a clinical-stage immunology company focused on combining immunologic insights with cutting-edge technologies to treat and prevent serious global infectious diseases like hepatitis B, influenza A, human immunodeficiency, and TB

The company has a broad range of products in various stages of development:

  • VIR-2218, VIR-3434 – Hepatitis B, Phase 2 in two forms: siRNA and Antibody
  • VIR-2482 – Influenza A, Phase 1, Antibody
  • VIR-7831 – SARS-COV-2, Phase 3 (as of 4 Oct 2020), Antibody
  • VIR-7831, 7832, 2703 – SARS-COV-2, Pre-clinical, Antibody, and siRNA
  • VIR-1111 – HIV, Pre-Clinical, T-cell
  • VIR-2020 – TB, Pre-clinical, T-cell

The company’s revenue from grants, licenses & contracts has improved a lot from 2019: $72.0 Mil (USD) in six months ended June 30, 2020, vs $5.7 Mil in 2019

Loss of $0.97 (USD) per share in the six months to 30 Jun 2020. Lost $6.83 (USD) per share in the same period of 2019

The company is in collaboration with Glaxo-Smith-Kline (GSK) on a COVID antibody, currently moved to Phase 3 in October 2020

Collaborates with Anylam, Brii Biosciences, Oregon Health & Science University, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Foundation for Biomedicine Research (Italy)

Bottom Line:

  • Vir hopes their SARS-COV-2 antibody product may even become a COVID-19 vaccine

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