Are you interested in joining me at CEM Arizona, April 22-24, 2022?

The Capital Events Management (CEM) team is looking for more “active top-level capital finance individuals” to join me in Arizona at the 9th annual Scottsdale Capital Conference to be hosted at the beautiful Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort.

CEM seeks applications from those who advise or manage a substantial book of business or family accounts and who are also interested in meeting CEOs of emerging companies (Resource, Technology, Biotech, Special Situations) for possible investment.

If you happen to be a possibility, please send me an email, or give me a call to discuss. Having attended their last two conferences with another two (the Bahamas and Whistler BC) coming up before Arizona, I can speak to the top quality of these companies and the first-class presentation put on by the CEM team. CEM has been doing this for ten years in major resorts across North America and the Bahamas, and, believe me, they have the winning formula down pat.

The resort costs and meals are fully covered by the sponsoring issuers, and there are networking activities and sports like golf for those who are interested, all paid for, so as well as being an intense business experience, it is also a lot of fun for a couple of weekend days in a high-end resort. You can even bring a partner and while the business meetings and closing dinner are only for registrants, everybody has fun. My wife Pat who joined me in Muskoka can attest to that.

In the Bahamas event, which sold out early this year, as usual, there will be 50 issuer companies to meet 50 investors. The sessions are just 20 minutes long for face-to-face discussion that can lead to personal relationships. I expect there will be fewer issuers in Arizona, but two people who have attended several conferences told me that Arizona was their favorite.

Bottom line, there is no obligation for us to invest. However, it speaks to the quality of these companies that I have invested in 14 of the 36 I met in person plus two more that CEM introduced to me via Zoom. Of the 16 investments, I hold 2 in both US and Canadian markets. I have 10 total in USD.

This is my invested list (alpha order):



Delta 9 Cannabis

InPlay Oil

Integra Res.


Meta Materials

MustGrow Biologics

Nanalysis Scientific

Northstar Clean Tech

ProStar Software

Skyharbour Res

ValOre Metals

Willow Biosciences

World Copper

There is no doubt in my mind that some of the issuers that I met or who were not on my meetings list are every bit as good as some of these, but for one reason or other they were not selected. Moreover, I hold very small positions in several of these as I have just started to study them in detail. As I meet new companies and decide to invest in some, there will be others on my list that I will drop as I gain more knowledge. I continue to push myself to make my portfolio a better one, and CEM (and the investor network) has really helped in that regard.

I fully anticipate that my 2022 portfolio will have a 25% weighting in CEM companies and that every month or two I will be on a Zoom call with senior management of each company. I will enjoy as many conferences as I am able to attend in order to find new and better investments.

To me, CEM means productivity, personal networking, and fun. Maybe you and I will get a chance to meet or meet again at CEM. Every registrant is, like I was, referred by an associate. If it sounds good, then contact me.

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