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notice a classic C & H at ‘ smmt ‘ from early Sept.. maybe nothing at all.. but, updates on DMD trials due sometime in next 90 days or less…vol. picking up..

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This Market Has a Silver Lining

Yesterday, the share price of one of the big dogs among silver miners – actually a streaming company that purchases royalty interests in the production of other silver miners – boomed +7.4%. Silver Wheaton, which has a $10 billion market cap, reported higher than expected revenue and earnings. In recent days and weeks, I have been adding to my silver miners based on strength in their charts.… [Read >>]


My concern with gold miners is that lately they seem to under-react when Gold is up but over-react when it takes a small turn down. When POG was last at these levels, the USD Index was about 2% higher, and miners were a about 6.5% higher by my calculations. Miners just seem to be a little too skittish for comfort right now.


Bankers do not go to jail. Somehow they were issued get out of jail free cards

Total bank/financial fines since 2010: $192,788,801,343

Violation Tracker Industry Summary Page

Probably the most important fact presented at Sarepta’s early Feb. conference call was the announcement by the ceo that their PPMO program is advancing into clinical development stages. This is so big, as their current outcomes are based on PMO ( not PPMO ) science. This difference was the main reason their previous chief science officer and then CEO C.G., got into big arguments, as C.G. did not want to change from PMO platform ( basically restart trials ), and CSO got fired. From what I can garner from those that truly understand this science, PPMO will be the path… Read more »

Manifort back in the news. More dirty laundry.


the market sank early yesterday. i then lost power till 5pm. still there was no reporting on the ‘laundering’. this is so depressing! if it wasn’t for billcara.com i may not have learned of it at all. #SAD


Bank index down almost 4% today and in the red for the year of 2017! Banks have been leading upwards since the election day. Normal profit take or inflexion point? Friday’s close will tell.


An additional list of “safer” stocks when a crash or correction occurs would be the list of companies who have increased their dividends every year for the past 25++++ years. That way you’d receive a good current dividend yield, a growing dividend each year, and price appreciation on top of that. These companies are typically called “Dividend Aristocrats” or “Dividend Kings” if anyone is interested.
— LB


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