Awaiting PDAC 2020

A favorite time of the year for me is the beginning of March in Toronto where the weather outside is often miserable, but inside the Metro Convention Centre it’s always a rollicking good time as the miners hit town from every place imaginable on earth. Toronto is the centre of the mining universe and its

We Are The Watchdogs

“Notre maison brûle, et nous regardons ailleurs. Nous ne pourrons pas dire que nous ne savions pas” (Our house is burning, and we choose to look away. We will not be able to say that we did not know) These words were pronounced by the late French President Jacques Chirac in 2002 during the 4th

These Companies Will Boost Your Portfolio Performance… And Your Morale

Global companies' performance on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues is rapidly becoming more critical to their competitiveness, profitability and share price. We are writing this commentary and re-orienting our own investment philosophy, because we profoundly care about environmental issues. We can also get onboard with the social and governance aspects of ESG investing because,

Is The Writing On The Wall?

August has already proven to be an eventful month. Trump started the festivities, as he did at the beginning of May, with a tweet announcing new tariffs on China. While equity markets fell on the news, traders initially began buying on the belief that markets typically don’t react to repeat news (ie, May’s correction would

Governance Issues At Canopy And CannTrust

Summary Big questions cannabis investors need to be asking. Hidden rooms and pesticides. Canopy can be added to watch lists for the future.   What really is happening in the cannabis industry? This article is not about a particular investment thesis of CannTrust Holdings (CTST) and Canopy Growth (CGC) but about how these two companies

Taking a Risk with a Promising Natural Gas Stock

Natural Gas today is at $2.312 per MMBtu, well down from January’s 2019 high of $3.722 but bouncing back a bit after hitting a three-year low on June 16. Over the past two years, we have owned shares of four of Natural Gas companies in our Natural Resource portfolios: Devon Energy (DVN), Encana Corporation (ECA),

A Decision-making Process for Equity Investors

Buying stock is always easy. But, for independent-minded portfolio managers, the decision-making always comes down to a matter of choice and therein lies a problem. This week we had two stocks under consideration to buy for the WMA Cara Natural Resources Portfolio: the large cap diversified metal and coal miner Teck Resources (TECK) and small

The Single Most Important Indicator For Equity Investors

Buy Company Stocks For The Real Reason To Buy Stocks Many have expressed frustration in trading equities over the past few years. Between central banks holding interest rates at inappropriately low levels, official direct intervention (Swiss National Bank, Bank of Japan and undoubtedly clandestine government equity purchases) to support the stock market, and a massive