The Single Most Important Indicator For Equity Investors

Buy Company Stocks For The Real Reason To Buy Stocks Many have expressed frustration in trading equities over the past few years. Between central banks holding interest rates at inappropriately low levels, official direct intervention (Swiss National Bank, Bank of Japan and undoubtedly clandestine government equity purchases) to support the stock market, and a massive


This week we focus on 50 cannabis companies for which we, as portfolio managers, capture comprehensive investor-related data. We show how we capture the data and apply it to a proprietary algorithm to generate decision-support information. We will let the data speak for itself. But new readers will first need an explanation. Every week my

Is cannabis moving from brown to green?

The cannabis industry would have us all believe that the only color is green, and most of the early investors saw it that way too. But today, the picture has changed. Too much brown bud that can’t be sold and not enough green in their financial summaries or ours either. A week ago, I reviewed

Fed-Induced Equity Volatility

With little economic or political news this week, markets kept doing what they’ve done since late December. The Nasdaq-100 is essentially at record highs. In a day or two the S&P 500 will cover the 20 more points to the upside to get to its record highs. Meanwhile the VIX volatility index broke lower to
Equity Universe Update

Equity Universe Update

Markets continued to rally this past week in a “buy the rumour” anticipation of an announcement of a U.S.-China trade deal. The White House said on Friday after three days of trade talks with Chinese officials in Washington that the negotiations made progress on numerous key issues but significant work remains. As soon as the
Bulls Step Up Joust With Bears

Bulls Step Up Joust With Bears

We had a rather slow news week giving way to a tight trading range on equity indexes. Chinese and U.S. negotiators have been working line-by-line through the text of an agreement that can be put before President Trump and counterpart Xi Jinping to defuse a nearly year-long trade war. As talks are not public, traders