Cara's Commentary & Community Chat, Mon., Feb. 2, 2009

[8:28am ET] I think maybe the guys in yellow won. I know that most of the people at the party were not watching one of the TVs, including the giant screen we were standing beside in the courtyard where I live. Most of the talk was of Liverpool and Arsenal and Man U. But, then, as I remarked to my friends, we were rather an eclectic group, from Ireland, Scotland, England, India, Germany, Spain, Holland, Colombia, somewhere in Africa, the US and of course Canada. I am sure I missed two or three countries in that small group of about a dozen of us.

Cara's Commentary & Community Chat, Mon., Jan. 26, 2009

[8:00am ET] The noise level is building from the ‘experts’ on TV. By the end of the week, I expect that most of the S&P 500 earnings will be in and probably 20% of these companies are likely to disappoint. Then there will be a new round of stories, mostly negative. But, as long as the Banks can manage their capital issues, which is likely, and we see more instances of insider buying from bank officers and directors, like JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon for instance, the market will also likely be net buyers, and prices should generally lift.

Cara's Commentary & Community Chat, Mon., Jan. 19, 2009

[6:30am ET] It is unfair of me to lay the blame of the global economic and financial woes at the feet of the Big Three US banks, as I did in the Week In Review. All the money center banks of the world are to blame, and the equity markets have shown them an appropriate response.

Last week, the average loss in share price of Bank of America, Citigroup and JP Morgan was -35.0%. But, UK