Bill Cara’s Blog: March 16, 2017
  • March 16, 2017 04:59 am
  • by Bill Cara

On March 5, I published a blog that was highly critical of the fear mongering tactics of the Motley Fool organization. I did it simply because I was astonished at their headline that read: “The oil crash that is about to begin”.

In looking over the thousands of charts I do, I can see that Basic Material equities are not under pressure, but still have room to move up. The Oil & Gas stock prices have been in a bear cycle, as you know. So, amazing as it sounds, the top story from The Motley Fool this weekend is headlined “the oil crash that is about to begin”. Yes, I am quoting. And, yes, I am amazed.

I was so amazed in fact that I decided to publish a list of Oilers and their closing prices on Friday. I believe these prices will be from 5% to 20% higher before July 1. If I’m wrong, they can call me a Fool because I promise to subscribe to their stuff.

Here’s my list – 28 in total, many of the biggest companies in the world — which I put into alphabetical order so to not play any favorites:

Motley Fool 2017 edition is not the original Motley Fool that earned a good reputation for independent and objective publishing. Not even close. But it is still a widely recognized market influence, so that particular article of theirs caused many investors to sell the Oilers.

So, where are we a week and a half later?

On March 15, the 28 Oilers are down an average -1.15%. The one name I included that I admit to never hearing before (Unit UNT) is down -12.77%. The other 27 stocks, including most of the biggest global names in the industry are down an average -0.72%. By the close today, they may even be higher than their close on Friday March 3.

My point is, I’m not a Fool and I don’t read content or be influenced by content from Big Name Publishers or Big Name Banks. I monitor facts from Big Data and make up my own mind on whether or not an industry or broad stock market is going to crash or rally or whatever. You have to do the same.

Btw, in that March 5 blog, I wrote: “VLO has come so far after I discussed it last summer, but I think there is more to go.” Valero (VLO) is up +4.01% in the past eight sessions.

But who would be Foolish enough to be keeping track?

Enjoy your day. And, yes, I think the Oilers will have a good day today and close higher on the week. There is still some work to do, but the Oilers will come through.

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