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Bill Cara is the internationally known author of “Stock Market Literacy” (2023) and “Lessons from the Trader Wizard” (hardcopy 2008 and e-book 2012). Since 2004, at billcara.com, he has written daily about investing and trading for thousands of investors worldwide. Because of his depth of coverage, obvious knowledge of, and love for capital markets, Bill’s blog was selected as “Best of the Web” and “Our Favorite” by Forbes Magazine and also applauded by Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and Investment Executive publications.

After graduating summa cum laude with Hons. B.B.A. from Laurier U, where he won the Wall Street Journal Medal, Bill went on to a five-year career in public accounting earning Chartered Accounting and Certified Management Accounting designations and, following a night-school program at McMaster U., his MBA. While founding and operating a successful management consulting company for eight years, he initiated the Canadian Medical Association computer committee, co-authored their Computer-Assisted Physician’s Office book, and introduced computer systems to hospitals, medical clinics, and doctors across Canada. Bill then opted to switch careers to join Dominion Securities in Toronto, where he moved into portfolio management. Later, after working for Dean Witter Canada, he was the founder of the Eastern Canada offices of Canaccord Capital and subsequently was co-founder, systems designer, and CEO of Qtrade Investor, which soon became the #1 electronic brokerage firm in Canada.

His Cara Portfolio Management firm in the Bahamas was SEC-registered from 2008 until March 2020, when he joined the Fort Lauderdale, Florida advisory firm of Aragon Capital LLC as a registered private wealth manager.

As a market strategist and tactician, Bill Cara believes in studying corporate fundamentals and macroeconomic data, as well as market time and price indicators. In addition to managing a portfolio strategy of commodity-related equities (Gold, Silver, Copper, Uranium, Oil&Gas), where he has 40 years of in-the-field experience visiting mines from the Arctic Circle to Colorado to Vermont, he also offers clients a diverse range of portfolios. 

Pat and Bill Cara
Pat and Bill Cara aboard their Time&Space


Pat and Bill Cara in The Bahamas
Pat and Bill Cara in The Bahamas