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Bill Cara is a devoted free markets patriot. After a career of successes in the financial services industry he became owner-founder of Greenfield Capital Inc and Cara Portfolio Management Ltd. Bill is the author of Lessons from the Trader Wizard where he takes a holistic approach to market analysis. In his award-winning Blog, he enjoys offering his views on capital market prices and what traders might expect moving forward.

For many years, the BillCara.com website enjoyed remarkable success with a following of over 300,000 readers from about 100 countries. Over 4,000 commenters have participated in lively but well-mannered discussions about capital markets. From among the 30,000 people who contacted Bill directly over the past 12 years, he has received thousands of complimentary letters, and still does.

It was not an easy path. In April 2004 when he initiated an online community discussion of capital markets and social equity, few readers had even heard the term ‘social equity’. Some were thinking Bill must be a socialist seeking equality when in fact he was not an activist but simply a person with conservative principles and business interests highlighted by a populist ideology. As Bill had advanced to doing business at higher levels of global financial markets, he realized that he was the exception, not the rule, when it came to fairness. For many years, his personal belief system, based on doing good deeds for all people while favoring none had been deep-rooted. So, he set out to help change the rules via his writing and by joining an Ontario government task force to clean up capital market problems and by making people-centric presentations at formal hearings of the Canadian Securities Administrators and the Senate of Canada Banking Committee and joining a disclosures committee of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The internet gave him an outlet to inspire others around the world to do the same. He is pleased to say that today, thanks to social media and the power of the Internet, people understand the meaning of social equity and why Bill strives for it.

Defined by Businessdictionary.com, Social Equity is a bedrock of society: “Fairness and impartiality towards all concerned, based on the principles of even-handed dealing. (The term) implies giving as much advantage, consideration, or latitude to one party as it is given to another. Along with economy, effectiveness, and efficiency, (Social Equity) is essential for ensuring that extent and costs of funds, goods and services are fairly divided among their recipients.”

As noted by Wiki: “In 1996 the United States President’s Council on Sustainable Development defined social equity as “equal opportunity, in a safe and healthy environment. Social equity is the least defined and least understood element of the triad that is sustainable development yet is integral in creating sustainability – balancing economic, environmental and social equity.”

Following a lengthy absence, Bill has again revved up the Blog and is now actively participating in the discourse. He hopes you continue to find the content well written and helpful.

Pat and Bill Cara
Pat and Bill Cara
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