Bill Cara’s Blog for Feb 26, 2013

CTA Trading Desk Morning Report

[7:00am ET] Good morning, Geoff here.

The weak US Dollar that I mentioned prior to yesterday’s open ended up reversing, moving strongly to the upside. That strength pressured equities south but gold managed to rally along with bonds.

Last week I showed you the following chart:


Here is that chart updated to yesterday’s close:


As you can see, the shift has begun to take shape, how long it lasts is anyone’s guess.

I want to be clear, I’m not boasting about this call – I want to point out something that’s actually important. Please note what I wrote in the chart last week:

“However, as stocks have been making new highs, talking heads have been really pushing the “Great Rotation” story about selling bonds and buying stocks – which is the opposite of what I am saying to do now. Often, at turning points, financial TV pushes the exact opposite of what people should do…”

I wrote that because I have seen it happen so many times that it is almost money in the bank. When the Four Pillars analysis says to do one thing and Financial TV is saying to do the opposite, Four Pillars is correct 9 out of 10 times (exaggeration, it is probably better odds than that ;-) ). This new “reporting” could be a conspiracy or it could simply be recency bias – it doesn’t matter to me, I just know that it works. Has anyone ever made any money listening to CNBC? It is more profitable to fade CNBC.

You may be getting tired of seeing the following chart but it is important to understand how a typical distribution process works in case equities are indeed topping.

Wyckoff Distribution


This occurred last fall. Please note how when price fails to make new highs, it tries again. In this case, the internals were deteriorating as attempts at new highs failed. The basic features of; distribution, lower peak, weakening internals, breakdown, throwback and markdown occur often and should be studied if you are new to trading.

I did not include “distribution day” volume in the above chart, but in the last week that has occurred. That meant that the market was possibly going to decline, which it did.

The current decline should be supported by the massive liquidity that global central banks are going to provide so I doubt that we witness a crash. It could occur, but in my opinion, it is more likely that equities either move to new highs or consolidate at these levels over the next few months in a pattern like above. That is why I only gave 2 scenarios in my weekend report; 1470 support or new highs – those are the levels that I like to start to buy back stocks.


The gold bull has been marked by periods of unsustainable price rallies followed by consolidation periods before rallying once again. I have shown this in the following chart:


Noting that gold fundamentals are extremely strong, the question is; is gold starting on rally #6?

Here is a close up:


That chart, combined with everything that I have been writing about the last week, says that there is a good chance that it is starting on rally #6. I would like to see price get through the next 2 days of Bernanke testimony and the Italian election issue unscathed, but it definitely looked good for a long trade, albeit a risky one.

Here is the CEF trade updated:


So far so good but please note that this is a high risk trade.

I have said that the mining shares have been trading like they are going to “zero”. I also said that as a sector, the opposite will occur with prices making new highs after it shakes off all the weak hands. I was reminded of this when I was looking through some mining data last night.

The following charts are not meant as trading recommendations. I merely want to show you why I think the odds of these companies going to “zero” are slim and sometimes pictures are better than words. These charts are only estimates, but do these Cara 200 companies look like they are going out of business?











Various inputs including the price of gold and other metals will affect those charts. But, if I am right and we are about to witness another rally, the charts will improve.

(Disclosure: CTA is long CEF, AGI, MUX, NGD, RGLD, SLW)

Have a great trading day!

Here are the 7:00am ET snapshots of the latest equity market trading results for Europe, and futures prices plus 5-minute charts of the futures for S&P 500, 30-year US Treasury Bond, US Dollar index, Gold and Crude Oil.

Symbol Name Last Trade Change Related Info
^ATX ATX 2,398.85 6:45AM EST Down 45.29 (1.85%) Components, Chart, More
^BFX BEL-20 2,581.30 Feb 25 Up 36.30 (1.43%) Components, Chart, More
^FCHI CAC 40 3,633.29 6:59AM EST Down 88.04 (2.37%) Components, Chart, More
^GDAXI DAX 7,629.81 6:45AM EST Down 143.38 (1.84%) Components, Chart, More
AEX.AS AEX General 335.75 6:44AM EST Down 4.51 (1.33%) Components, Chart, More
^OSEAX OSE All Share 518.95 6:45AM EST Down 3.57 (0.68%) Components, Chart, More
^OMXSPI Stockholm General 369.91 6:43AM EST Down 4.72 (1.26%) Components, Chart, More
^SSMI Swiss Market 7,457.48 6:44AM EST Down 136.87 (1.80%) Components, Chart, More
^FTSE FTSE 100 6,271.42 6:45AM EST Down 83.95 (1.32%) Components, Chart, More
FPXAA.PR PX Index 994.98 6:59AM EST Down 18.77 (1.85%) Chart, More
MICEXINDEXCF.ME MICEX Index 1,503.66 7:45AM EST 0.00 (0.00%) Chart, More
GD.AT Athex Composite Share Price Index 989.28 6:44AM EST Down 6.09 (0.61%) Chart, More

The team will check in during the day, reporting in the Discourse when there is a new entry.

Enjoy your day.

The above commentary is a shortened version of the February 26 issue of The Wagner Daily, our nightly ETF and stock picking newsletter with a 10-year track record of performance. More information and risk-free 30-day trial subscription available at

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  1. I see these being very popular for all users who can't do... [#183]
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    I see these being very popular for all users who can’t do the daily chat thing. It always for detailed back room discussions for an interested group on a particular subject.

    Very similar to many other sites, the originator opens the forum, controls the first post and has continuous edit rights on that first post. Usually the first post is like a home page for the topic, description, goals, rules, handy links etc. which can be updated over time. First time viewers see the complete text by default, but then have the option to collapse it unless they need to go back and check something.

    Here’s a shot of the “Help Index” forum I created showing the section which could be collapsed.

    Also note just below the first posts are links to scroll back and forth thru the forums, not sure if we really need them, they are a little confusing in that location.


  2. No auto echo on RE: subject. I see on User Forums that... [#185]
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    No auto echo on RE: subject.

    I see on User Forums that I’ve created there is a box on the bottom to leave a shadow copy here if the forum is moved. However I don’t see any options to move the forum.

    I think we will need these options down the road as things grow and there is a need for better organization with a larger number of more specific topic groups.

    Shot of the subject screen.


  3. I just upgraded the forum module and that came with having... [#352]
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    I just upgraded the forum module and that came with having to “fix” the things I “fixed” before (removing the “joined” date, removing the user picture/avatar, fixing it to use absolute comment numbers instead of per-thread ones). Let me know if there are any issues I failed to fix or new problems.

    FYI, the author of the module is apparently working on making it look ok in IE6, so I’ll probably do another update once that is complete. That will likely be after the site launch.

  4. I am not sure if this is doable or even credible but I was... [#385]
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    I am not sure if this is doable or even credible but I was thinking that since a lot of future forum postings will be time sensitive to the action of the day would it be possible to have the ability to view all posts from the forums as well as the Main topics in chronological order or by trading day.

    For example, I may be reviewing the comments under Bill’s Daily Report and Community Chat and something interesting is happening in the market, meanwhile someone has posted more pertinent information or ideas in a Forum on that particular topic.

    If one had the ability to see all of the posts from every thread in a chronological format they may see something taking place in another location that they would like to follow up. They could click on that Forum post that would then take them to the pertinent post in the forum and they could review the thread that inspired the post.

    As Bill has mentioned, the market is like an organism with a lot of different “systems” that affect its health. Each of those “systems” may have their individual forum topics which have their own credible participants that users would want to follow along with all of the other “systems”. Similar to watching the “vitals” on a patient.

    But I digress.



  5. I am not sure if everyone was given the ability to create a... [#386]
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    I am not sure if everyone was given the ability to create a new forum would be a “good thing” for the community. Topics would need to be relevant and meet some minimum criteria? Who would approve? What happens when the topic languishes? Who would monitor the forum?

    Just thinking out loud.


    • Agree, its going to take some work to figure out how to... [#388]
      By: Quasi (402 comments) Go to top ↑

      Agree, its going to take some work to figure out how to organize these sub topic forums, give the originator some sort of moderator rights, but not so many rights he / her could become a dictator over the forum. I think we’ll have to look carefully at how some of the other websites handle these problems. I’ve used several systems and there are pros and cons to all.


      • There is a module called Organic Groups that can turn the... [#394]
        By: admin (92 comments) Go to top ↑ Author

        There is a module called Organic Groups that can turn the site into a Yahoo Groups style site. So people could make their own “group” for, say, precious metals, and have their own set of forums and whatnot. It’s something I don’t plan on installing now, but I’d be willing to look at it in the future. I think that’s a better fit for user-created forums than the default forum module (it’s hard for me to give someone admin access to only one forum with the current setup).

  6. 7:45 AM ET ICSC-Goldman Store Sales 8:55 AM ET... [#117687]
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    • 7:45 AM ET ICSC-Goldman Store Sales
    • 8:55 AM ET Redbook
    • 9:00 AM ET FHFA House Price Index
    • 9:00 AM ET S&P; Case-Shiller HPI
    • 10:00 AM ET New Home Sales
    • 10:00 AM ET Consumer Confidence
    • 10:00 AM ET Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index
    • 10:00 AM ET State Street Investor Confidence Index
    • 11:30 AM ET 4-Week Bill Auction
    • 1:00 PM ET 5-Yr Note Auction
  7. 1 in Accumulation Zone 1 in Buy alert 1 in Distribution... [#117688]
    By: davefairtex (5215 comments) Go to top ↑
    • 1 in Accumulation Zone
    • 1 in Buy alert
    • 1 in Distribution Zone
    • 12 in Sell alert

    Accumulation Zone (19%): Monthly 6, Weekly 19, Daily 33
    Distribution Zone (9%): Monthly 14, Weekly 12, Daily 3

  8. Good morning. 09:00 Case-Shiller 20-city Index 09:00 FHFA... [#117689]
    By: Bull Hunter (3552 comments) Go to top ↑

    Good morning.

    09:00 Case-Shiller 20-city Index
    09:00 FHFA Housing Price Index
    10:00 New Home Sales
    10:00 Consumer Confidence


    COST – Costco initiated with a Neutral at Cowen.

    QCOM – PT Lowered from $79 to $76 @ FBR. Outperform

    SNDK – SanDisk upgraded to Outperform from Sector Perform at RBC Capital to reflect its transformation to a vertically integrated systems solution provider driven by an increasing mix of Embedded and SSD solutions. Price target raised to $65 from $50.

    TEF – Bernstein upgraded Telefonica to Market Perform from Underperform. The firm upgraded the stock as it believes that the company’s new strategy is starting to pay off.

    TGT – Target initiated with a Neutral at Cowen.

    WMT – Wal-Mart initiated with a Neutral at Cowen.


    “Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t go to yours.”

    ~ Yogi Berra

  9. Bill is always telling us about the perils of listening to... [#117690]
    By: Ynot (234 comments) Go to top ↑

    Bill is always telling us about the perils of listening to the noise and not paying attention to the price movements but, since its now hit new levels of hilarity, why not join in?

    “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Most of my relatives and friends in Italy feel this way about the EURO right now, and a few of them also felt that way back in its day of inception. They also felt this is what Mario Monti’s speech should have been in November 2011 when he took power: “If you think this country’s bad off now, just wait till I get through with it!”

    Being fluent in Italian, I was watching and listening to a political debate between a few party hacks on RAI TV yesterday regarding this new gridlock in Rome and the question of ‘ungovernablility’. These hacks not only must have ADHD, but extremely short memories as well. Italy has been virtually ungovernable since WW 2 up until, well, Mr. Bunga Bunga took over with the Forza Italia party. (Oh, the cronyism and corruption did NOT stop, but some semblance of governance did emerge.)

    Mercifully, the Formula 1 season is not too far off for the Italians, and they have some very good soccer to turn to this weekend.

  10. INTC - was upgraded at Drexel Hamilton from sell to hold... [#117691]
    By: Bull Hunter (3552 comments) Go to top ↑

    INTC – was upgraded at Drexel Hamilton from sell to hold. $22 price target. Altera foundry deal should help future earnings.

  11. ALOHA!! In one of my past SOUND MONEY reports I relayed a... [#117692]
    By: kaimu (3289 comments) Go to top ↑


    In one of my past SOUND MONEY reports I relayed a research paper done at Stanford Economics on the power of FedSpeak. It analyzed how markets moved when certain US FED governors spoke. One of the top market movers was James Bullard.

    Bullard said this today …

    (Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Reserve will keep its monetary policy stance loose for a long while despite increasing signs of concern among policymakers about the potential costs of asset buying, a top Fed official said on Friday.

    “Fed policy is very easy and it’s going to stay easy for a long time,” James Bullard, St. Louis Fed president, said in an interview with CNBC television.

  12. ... [#117693]
    By: Grym (5469 comments) Go to top ↑
    • Grym, Re: As a longer term investor I want to know not... [#117695]
      By: Bill Cara (4105 comments) Go to top ↑


      Re: As a longer term investor I want to know not just “what” is happening, but “why”.

      I and others have been saying that as long as (i) (a) the Fed rate is close to zero, (b) they are buying up maybe 80% of all Treasury debt, and (c) feeding capital into the banking system to the extent they are, and (ii) other central banks, like Japan recently, getting even more “accommodating” than before, currencies will devalue and prices will rise.

      If the equity market craters, there will be little hope for the economy to grow or employment levels to rise. So QE is about supporting the equity market, which is why e.g. Japan is committed to it.

      QE will continue until there is a point that the private investor will no longer support the high prices. So far, that has not happened and I don’t see any balloons about to burst. You may be paying close to $4 a gallon for gas, but you’ll pay $4.50 or $5. Corporate earnings are in line with traditional norms, and may slow in their growth for a while, but this is not a problem as long as bond yields are so low. Meanwhile M&A and private investor take-overs are picking up. The talented workers in the housing industry that you refer to will take wage price and hourly cut-backs in order to keep their jobs. Workers in many other industries have.

      But Grym, perhaps others will debate you. I have too much on my plate these days to further a dialogue that I have written about for a couple years. Sorry.

      • ... [#117703]
        By: Grym (5469 comments) Go to top ↑
        • Grym, I don't pay any attention to Bill Gross. He has been... [#117704]
          By: Bear E (287 comments) Go to top ↑

          I don’t pay any attention to Bill Gross. He has been wrong in a big way in the past. I do not pay much attention to headlines such as higher sales numbers higher prices etc. Compared to what? Most info put out there is distorted or manipulated to the point of being useless.
          I do pay attention to Geoff here because his info is backed up TA. I listen to Vad too because he is no nonsense and his method works. There is one other fellow I listen to: Peter at Shadow Trader.
          I choose to live a calm peaceful life.
          Bear E

  13. Geoff wrote about Alamos Gold (AGI) today as being in the... [#117694]
    By: Bill Cara (4105 comments) Go to top ↑

    Geoff wrote about Alamos Gold (AGI) today as being in the Cara 100. That happened after the company got a NYSE listing recently. I have been too busy to update the blog for this.

    I’ll be meeting John McCluskey (CEO) at PDAC this coming week — along with many others I write about.

  14. Somebody just bought 150k shares of GRR at... [#117696]
    By: westcoaster (1130 comments) Go to top ↑

    Somebody just bought 150k shares of GRR at $.50

    • ALOHA!! And here I thought the GRR news release about the... [#117698]
      By: kaimu (3289 comments) Go to top ↑


      And here I thought the GRR news release about the Golden Mile was completely ignored!

      The more Bernanke tells Congress how much he believes in QE coupled with Bullard’s earlier CNBC comments the POG rises!

  15. Former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta has been ordered... [#117697]
    By: bigwad1 (768 comments) Go to top ↑

    Former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta has been ordered by a federal judge to repay $6.22 million to the firm for legal fees related to his criminal insider trading trial. Gupta was convicted of insider trading in June 2012, that occurred while he was part of the board of directors at Goldman Sachs.

    Gupta is appealing his conviction for leaking confidential, non-public information to hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam. The hedge fund manager was convicted of several counts of securities fraud, stemming from the government’s crackdown on insider trading and is now serving an 11 year prison sentence.

    Goldman Sachs is looking for reimbursement of $6.91 million in fees related to the case it paid to law firm Sullivan & Cromwell through the federal Mandatory Victims Restitution Act. The Judge ordered Gupta to pay 90% of the total fees Goldman requested.

  16. "Small & Mid Cap Equity Strategy L. Calvasina Credit... [#117699]
    By: moragakd (47 comments) Go to top ↑

    “Small & Mid Cap Equity Strategy L. Calvasina
    Credit Suisse’s Top U.S. Investment Ideas Under $3 Billion & $3-7 Billion
    ? Overview
    ? Methodology
    ? “One-stop shop” for the Credit Suisse research team’s highest conviction ideas.
    ? Each analyst identified and ranked up to 3 top stock picks based on a 6-12 month time horizon.
    ? Analysts who did not list a name under $3 billion in market cap were given the opportunity to add a “bonus small-cap pick”.
    ? In an effort to limit the list to only high-conviction ideas, analysts were allowed to submit fewer than 3 stocks.
    ? For each name, we include a short summary of our analyst’s thesis as a starting point for further analysis.
    ? This report lists top ideas in small cap (under $3 billion) and SMID cap ($3-7 billion), drawing from the top ideas of our
    dedicated SMID analyst team plus other industry analysts.
    ? These lists should not be viewed as portfolios; they are simply a current snapshot of the analysts’ top picks in their
    coverage universes.
    ? Small & SMID Takeaways
    ? Among our analysts’ 146 top ideas, 27 are small cap (Under $3 billion) and 43 are SMID ($3-7 billion). There are 6 new
    additions (AB, FHN, HSH, NXST, SPN, WFR) to the small/SMID lists, along with 4 removals (IRG, TAL, TER, TUMI).
    ? Top Picks In Small Cap: Consumer – Lithia Motors, Standard Pacific, Tenneco; Energy/Utilities – Crosstex Energy, Energy
    XXI, GulfMark Offshore, Gulfport, KiOR, MEMC Electronic Materials, PDC Energy, SolarCity, Solazyme, Targa Resources;
    Financials – AllianceBernstein, First Horizon, PennyMac Mortgage, Susquehanna, Walter Investment Management;
    Healthcare – Cepheid, Health Management Associate, Medidata, Team Health; Industrials – Esterline; Media – Nexstar
    Broadcasting; Technology – Jive Software, Proofpoint, Ultimate Software Group
    ? Top Picks In SMID Cap: Basic Materials – Ashland, Peabody Energy, Reliance Steel & Aluminum, Rockwood Holdings, US
    Steel; Consumer – Cabela’s, Dillard’s, Foot Locker, Panera Bread, Penn National Gaming, Toll Brothers, TRW Automotive,
    Under Armour, Family Dollar, Hillshire Brands; Energy/Utilities – Access Midstream, Cheniere, Genesis Energy, Kirby,
    Rowan, Superior Energy Services; Financials – East West Bancorp, First Republic, Huntington Bancshares, Lazard,
    Nationstar Mortgage, Validus; Healthcare – Illumina, Medivation, Seattle Genetics, Universal Health; Industrials – BE
    Aerospace, Gardner Denver, Genessee & Wyoming, KBR Inc, Terex, Triumph, Wesco; Services – DST Systems, IHS,
    Vantiv; Technology – Concur, Lam Research”

    FD: Own GWR

  17. Peter Buck has resigned as chairman and non-executive... [#117700]
    By: szoya (114 comments) Go to top ↑

    Peter Buck has resigned as chairman and non-executive director of PMI Gold Corp., effective immediately

    • ALOHA!! Hmmm ... a head rolled! Mr. Ashton said, "On... [#117701]
      By: kaimu (3289 comments) Go to top ↑


      Hmmm … a head rolled!

      Mr. Ashton said, “On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management of PMI, I would like to express our gratitude to Peter for his significant contribution to PMI, commencing with its ASX listing in December 2010, and for the many hours of tireless and valuable service he has given to the Company during his time as Chairman.”

      Really? Like an ASX listing was 100% essential??? Like dissing the major long term shareholders was a “tireless and valuable service”???

      Who is Mr. Ashton?
      Most recently in his capacity as Managing Director and subsequently Chair of Red Back Mining Inc, Mr Ashton was responsible for identifying the prospectivity and leading the team which discovered the multi-million ounce Chirano gold deposit in Ghana, West Africa. In 2004 Mr. Ashton re-domiciled Red Back from the ASX to the TSX with a new Canadian CEO, management and board and he resigned as chair in 2005. In September 2010 Red Back, as a +400,000 ounce per year gold producer, was the subject of a merger with Kinross Gold Corporation which valued the Company at US$7.1B.

      This is an interesting part …
      In 2004 Mr. Ashton re-domiciled Red Back from the ASX to the TSX with a new Canadian CEO, management and board and he resigned as chair in 2005.

      Time will tell, but I never believed an ASX listing was essential, but there is one major shareholder who is based in Australia who did and the initials are MQB! Most of the larger long term shareholders were Canadian, American and European based. Not sure about the Ozentricity!!

    • ALOHA!! PMI GOLD will be here ... Prospectors &... [#117702]
      By: kaimu (3289 comments) Go to top ↑


      PMI GOLD will be here …

      Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Convention – PDAC – Booth #2420 Session A
      March 3-6, 2013
      Metro Toronto Convention Centre- South Building

      Billed as the venue “where the world’s mineral industry meets”, the PDAC International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange is the world’s leading convention for people, companies and organizations in, or connected with, mineral exploration.

      The four-day annual Convention held in Toronto, Canada has grown in size, stature and influence since it began in 1932 and today is the event of choice for the world’s mineral industry. In addition to meeting over 1,000 exhibitors, 30,369 attendees from 125 countries, it allows you the opportunity to attend technical sessions, short courses as well as social and networking events.

  18. ... [#117706]
    By: baz22 (2875 comments) Go to top ↑… … well, seems like the old Bell South ad applied here today !! The morning swoon looked like drones closing in for the kill !!

  19. [#117707]
    By: baz22 (2875 comments) Go to top ↑
  20. So .... ouch .... a 50% shave in under 6 months .... that... [#117708]
    By: Ventilation Blues (164 comments) Go to top ↑

    So …. ouch …. a 50% shave in under 6 months …. that hurts. What are the thoughts here?, that we should top up and buy at the low and look to a return to $4 this year?. What caused SLR to half its value?. Unfortunately this all reminds me a little of my experience with UXG/MUX. I realize they are worlds apart as companies but as price movement, this is a bitter pill and a similar experience. I’ve read up on many of the posts in the last 2 weeks but am unsure now where we stand with SLR and its future as an investment. I was thinking it was a long, but has that status changed and it should be viewed as a short term buy and sell, ride the price wave stock? If the price of gold now continues to dip, does that drag SLR with it? , or is it now linked to institutional investors and the price will basically flow the way they want it to.

    • ALOHA!! All similarities end here ... LINK:... [#117710]
      By: kaimu (3289 comments) Go to top ↑


      All similarities end here …

      And here …

      I already mentioned the improbable coincidence of how JP Morgan’s Hong Kong share lending scheme originating from their London Whale office could transform Blackrock($4TRIL AUM) into the fourth largest SLR shareholder. Why would a $4TRIL NY Bank want to own SLR?

      The tragedy is that for a lesser resource company who was dependent on funding via private placement this share lending scheme, including naked shorting, would have forced a more severe dilution. Luckily SLR has the cash flow to avoid such an unfortunate scenario.

      There is nothing about this that even remotely speaks to honest “price discovery” based on free markets! It is not the nature for trillion $$$ monopolistic US banks to voluntarily play fair. After all annual bonuses are much more important than economic growth and stability and equality in capital markets.

  21. Was... [#117711]
    By: Les (7233 comments) Go to top ↑

    Was interested in one man’s journey back from the edge of the grave – having an autoimmune disease (which is what Celiac is) – dumping the junk he’d been eating in favour of juiced green stuff:

    The season is almost upon us. I’m exploring possibilities for a commercial future in growing green stuff biodynamically. Global warming and the explosion of diseases where the body is turning against itself like the above article will bring the basics back into vogue again IMO.

    The direct-to-customer operation these guys have got going, like Kaimu, is an excellent way to offload their product. Something I’d like to mimic in the future for the local area. Some great vids there if you’d like to trying growing yer own green stuff. For example, the expert being interviewed recommends eating Kale stalks if you’re on a wheat free diet.

  22. checking out the 1st half hour vs the last hour shows for... [#117739]
    By: bsi87 (1171 comments) Go to top ↑

    checking out the 1st half hour vs the last hour shows for example they were buying early and selling late in the Naz and selling GLD in the first half hour and buying at the close. Volumes below 10 day ave

    see what happens tomorrow.

    FD: long SQQQ/GDXJ

  23. ALOHA!! Hallelujah-h-h! How long have I been blabbing... [#117746]
    By: kaimu (3289 comments) Go to top ↑


    Hallelujah-h-h! How long have I been blabbing about how our technology put a man on the moon yet our economic and monetary system remain this antiquated barbaric relic??? How many times … a few …

    Now Prof Steve Keen has decided to start a project to bring computer technology into economics, banking and money. In his words we can build these complex computer weather models yet for economics all we rely on is a few x-y graphs!

    I put money into this venture …

    It is time to educate the so called educators of economics and money. Too bad it took a stubborn Aussie and nearly 100 years to make a modest attempt at truthiness!

    As I reported above the latest Treasury 7-year auction was $29BIL @ 1.26%. Here he have a world class economist who has been against the mainstream grain for years begging for $50K!!! UNREAL-L-L!!!