Bill Cara’s Blog for Aug 21, 2012

CTA Trading Desk Morning Report

[7:00am ET] Good morning.

The US Dollar is weak this morning and equities, precious metals and commodities are strong.

China’s central bank has implemented a program of QE.…

London’s Banks and Miners & Oilers are well up on the day.



Have a good day.

Good morning, Geoff here.

The Euro is up this morning and gold is following suit.

As you know, we are long-term gold bulls and have been bullish in the short term for weeks.

Here are a few ratio charts that show “risk-on” for gold and the miners. These charts show you when to push on the gas and when to slow down. They have been accelerating.



Weeks ago, we were talking about how severely depressed sentiment was on the precious metal stocks and how that was the time to get in, not get out of them. We showed you the following chart as a reason to buy the miners.

It is a few weeks later and so far, so good:


However, for more participants to enter the space, we would like to see the following charts improve as noted:



For gold to get the big “green light” it has to move over $1652. The first step to a big upside move for gold is shown in the following chart as a break above downtrend line “A”. Then, it needs to move above resistance “B”. If those two things happen, we will be really close, if not at, the time the 200 DMA and ADX both turn higher which is anther bullish sign. At that time, it will be lift-off for gold:


So, the Euro is in rally mode this morning and if that can continue for a few more days, we may see many more traders jump on the precious metals bandwagon creating “lift off”.

(FD: we are long gold and gold related securities)

Have a great trading day!

Here are the 7:00am ET snapshots of the latest equity market trading results for Europe, and futures prices plus 5-minute charts of the futures for S&P 500, 30-year US Treasury Bond, US Dollar index, Gold and Crude Oil.

Symbol Name Last Trade Change Related Info
^ATX ATX 2,081.81 6:44AM EDT Up 0.08 (0.00%) Components, Chart, More
^BFX BEL-20 2,379.20 3:01AM EDT Up 4.50 (0.19%) Components, Chart, More
^FCHI CAC 40 3,503.07 6:59AM EDT Up 22.49 (0.65%) Components, Chart, More
^GDAXI DAX 7,062.37 6:45AM EDT Up 28.69 (0.41%) Components, Chart, More
AEX.AS AEX General 335.54 6:45AM EDT Up 1.69 (0.51%) Components, Chart, More
^OSEAX OSE All Share 491.78 6:44AM EDT Up 4.78 (0.98%) Components, Chart, More
^OMXSPI Stockholm General 333.61 6:44AM EDT Up 0.23 (0.07%) Components, Chart, More
^SSMI Swiss Market 6,512.51 6:44AM EDT Up 6.26 (0.10%) Components, Chart, More
^FTSE FTSE 100 5,843.37 6:45AM EDT Up 19.00 (0.33%) Components, Chart, More
FPXAA.PR PX Index 948.60 6:59AM EDT Up 9.70 (1.03%) Chart, More
MICEXINDEXCF.ME MICEX Index 1,454.22 6:45AM EDT Up 21.64 (1.51%) Chart, More
GD.AT Athex Composite Share Price Index 633.29 6:44AM EDT Up 7.07 (1.13%) Chart, More

The team will check in during the day, reporting in the Discourse when there is a new entry.

Enjoy your day.

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    • 8:55 AM ET Redbook
    • 11:30 AM ET 4-Week Bill Auction
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      compete for a hammer, a public toilet management personnel were injured real estate company: this land is my right to remove Jinshui District Urban Management Bureau: Even is your land, should also be in advance of communication, alleged damage to public facilities reader complaints last night 8:46 Jinshui management of public toilets service company responsible Sujing Li calls that 7:00 o’clock, Taikang Lu, Peng Gongci Street public toilets at more than 10 people took the hammer smashing toilets, staff were injured a guard of public toilets. The reporter Ran Xiaoping / Wen Zhou Yong / map Reporter Interrupted to hit 9 am yesterday,oakley, 40 I came to the scene, Taikang Road public toilets in the main building from the present signs of damage, damage to the south side of the septic tank of Weidang, on the ground there are better brick. septic tank door is crooked. public toilets administrator Lee Ling spent hand the Department of bandages standing by. Li Ling said the flower,louboutin, before the evening after 7:00 or so, 10 people came to the septic tank at wearing security uniforms,sac hermes pas cher, civilian clothes, do not ask indiscriminate holding a hammer to hit the wall. Li Ling spent ran to stop this group of people to ignore one of them said: began to drop. surrounding a merchant police. I heard some alarm, the group immediately dismissed. Reserved for evidence of flower Li Ling will be taken from hammers to compete in her arm and two fingers were injured, hospital identification of soft tissue injury. Who smashed the septic tank this septic tank about 1 meter above the ground. Li Ling said the flower, usually sanitation truck parked on the road, the stool rely on the pipeline routed to the car; damage, feces difficult discharged. , Weidang this about 3 meters high, only 1 m. public toilet in front affixed with a sign shown above: No. 034, the name Tai Road, toilets, an area of ??55.2 square meters, the management unit of the Department of Jinshui management of public toilets service companies, sovereign units for Jinshui Urban Management Bureau. who smashed a septic tank? Li Ling flowers and another public toilets, the administrator said, pointing to the few houses in the public toilets for the new the Taikang electromechanical city property management, there was a vice president led. The reason, they heard that the public toilet block Electrical City underground parking, two years ago, people come to pull out, and also blocked. 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Subsequently,Wearing Elegant Jackets Will Make You Look Really Great And Also Trendy, the company responsible for Chen came to the scene and allow staff to bring the land of the original permit. I saw a family member courtyard of the Power Supply Bureau, the Peng Gongci Street Department of the red line boundary. I propose to take pictures, was refused. Chen said that this land is a Was Taking into account the surrounding residents go to the toilet, he has been no demolition, has been preserved. : Chen > mention the reason, he said before the fire exits aside, said shatter Weidang, the aim is to broaden the export of car parks,, the district more than stop some cars. Jinshui District Urban Management Bureau even in your land ownership in advance should also be communication public toilets occupied plots of the developers? Chaike Zhang said, it is unclear, but the public toilets built in the former, the district was built in the post. I am consulting to the public toilet the sovereignty unit Jinshui Urban Management Bureau. The Urban Management Bureau, environment and sanitation Sunke Zhang said, it is unclear whether the land ownership to the developer. Say the least, even if owned by the real estate company, but public toilets are public facilities, the Department of Government fixed assets, dismantling and removal of public toilets, urban management department should first apply for, to declare, in accordance with the principle of new public toilet locations and then executed. Henan Gold Coast Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. demolition in advance whether to inform the management of public toilets or management unit? Li Ling, flowers, Chai Kechang and Sun Kezhang have not received any application or declaration, smashing the septic tank Weidang the behavior has been arrested for damage to public facilities. The Jinshui public toilets management services company reported. 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Taikang Road public toilets, for example, this public toilet built over 20 years. with the implementation of the transformation,Men want to commit suicide caused by local light r,air jordan femme, the transfer of land, the developer said the public toilets to account for in their own turf. Sunke Chang said, also appeared several times before a similar situation, a longer useful life of public toilets,louis vuitton outlet, the seat block is transferred,Girls fall into the septic tank drowned due to the covers corrosion girls septic, more or less the existence of such ownership. Some developers removal of public toilets in the development and utilization, not a strange land. In addition, public toilets are temporary land selected local share of land did not Public toilets in the region to sell to the developer, as the public toilets in the urban management bureau of the construction sector and did not know.

    • police chase their uniforms ,chaussures louboutin Was... [#112582]
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      police chase their uniforms ,chaussures louboutin

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      police did not the tube this man in the end is not Simon,longchamp, back to the review. Reporter extensive understanding of the facts of the case, but the police did not disclose.


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    • ... [#112592]
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    • Numerous general equipment using Jimmy Prohibit include... [#112673]
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  2. 1 in Accumulation Zone 2 in Distribution Zone 4 in Sell... [#112294]
    By: davefairtex (5215 comments) Go to top ↑
    • 1 in Accumulation Zone
    • 2 in Distribution Zone
    • 4 in Sell alert

    Accumulation Zone (2%): Monthly 4, Weekly 1, Daily 2
    Distribution Zone (22%): Monthly 13, Weekly 26, Daily 28

  3. Submitted by Bill Cara (3664 comments) on Tue, 08/21/2012 ... [#112297]
    By: Bill Cara (4105 comments) Go to top ↑

    Submitted by Bill Cara (3664 comments) on Tue, 08/21/2012 – 08:25 #112296


    Re: But… am still wondering… did any other folks on this blog find Graifer’s post # 112092 objectionable… or at least rather distasteful ?? … And… anyone else concerned about about the ban, including rationale, of Cornerstone from this blog-site??

    I missed most of the latest episode between Vad and CornerStone, but after reviewing it with five others who work hard to keep this blog going and who are responsible for maintaining the quality of the discourse, I can say that all of us agreed that that person was continuously objectionable, not for the content, which was occasionally quite good, but for the lack of respect given others. After eight and a half years I can say that we have a functional community. There have been over a million unique visitors and participants, and maybe ten, if that, have been banned over the years. In every case I can recall, the individual was self-centered and showed a lack of respect for others.

    As for Vad’s comment #112092, I didn’t understand it.

    As to my not wanting to have political commentary here, that’s not true. I do it myself. At times, however, I find the subject gets too personal, which leads to flame attacks that I ask people to tone down or stop.

    Bottom line: I’m very pleased with how the discourse here has developed over the years. Nothing’s ever perfect, and with so many differing points of view from so many people of different countries, cultures, religions, etc, there will always be negatives, but in this case I think we’ve done an admirable job, and I thank all of you.

    • Bill, And thank you for this extremely educational blog. I... [#112298]
      By: kp84 (43 comments) Go to top ↑


      And thank you for this extremely educational blog. I am grateful for your focus
      on markets and the big picture. The ‘testy’ debates, thoughtful opinions and banter make it a market!
      Thank you to all of you who contribute, share and provoke.


      • kp84, Thank you for your comments. As long as this place... [#112300]
        By: Bill Cara (4105 comments) Go to top ↑


        Thank you for your comments.

        As long as this place is just like my home, issues and all, I’m a happy camper. Where I draw the line is where people show an obvious lack of respect for others.

        • agreed, People often mistake "political" commentary with... [#112321]
          By: Jeff B (715 comments) Go to top ↑


          People often mistake “political” commentary with inflammatory nonsense.

          It’s possible to discuss how the current president and his policies are affecting markets and the investment climate without drifting into punditry and total nonsense.

          Further to this, people continually blame leaders for things that were set in motion long before they came to power. Power structures are more often than not the more appropriate targets, why isnt there more discussion on how the role of the president and the legislation a majority in the House can lead to certain laws, or how different branches of government have for decades gradually eroded rights and proven corrupt after every successive scandal.

          Focusing on the actors is what the media want us to do, its called “Horse Race” Journalism, talking about the election, or how different senators will vote for a particular bill.. all done to avoid actually examining the root of the problem and a solution.

  4. [#112299]
    By: baz22 (2875 comments) Go to top ↑…….. gotta start somewhere… ‘ one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor ‘ …

    • baz22, these really are "feel-good" investments. it's not... [#112307]
      By: 4ever (612 comments) Go to top ↑

      these really are “feel-good” investments. it’s not always about strictly making money. helping people, serving customers, should be priority #1.
      the two companies mentioned in the “foolish” article have great intentions. i sincerely hope they succeed and am considering a chihuahau position(Vad or Kaimu’s term, i forget).

      • "chihuahua position"... lol, not mine but I like it... [#112308]
        By: Vadym Graifer (4341 comments) Go to top ↑

        “chihuahua position”… lol, not mine but I like it. Whoever coined that, mind if we steal it?? :)

        • Vad - I think I first used the term "chihuahua position" on... [#112327]
          By: jock (1011 comments) Go to top ↑

          Vad – I think I first used the term “chihuahua position” on this site. The credit, however, goes to Alex Elder, who is a very witty and all-around good guy, as well as a great chartist guru.

          Here is where the term came from. Alex had a friend in the Dominican Republic who had large guard dogs to protect her estate. BUT, it seemed that an intruder never woke up the big dogs.

          SO, the lady bought a high-strung little chihuahua who awoke upon hearing any strange noise. The chihuahua’s barking awakened the big dogs, whose barking scared away intruders.

          Alex advocates taking a “chihuahua position” in a stock you want to watch closely. Once it is on your screen, any move in the price will “wake you up” … LOL

      • Good morning, 4ever. Yes, all of the ' small ' bio's posted... [#112314]
        By: baz22 (2875 comments) Go to top ↑

        Good morning, 4ever. Yes, all of the ‘ small ‘ bio’s posted are exactly that – an investment. Long ago, I decided to make my ‘ investments ‘ in the companies that I hoped could make a difference in this world. Some worked out, others did not. So many ( myself included ) certainly took losses in certain high-fliers in the early 2000′s. Some are still around, others bought, others shut-down. A couple of years ago I posted about why I mess with these small caps, when asked. Just because a stock that was $ 60, and now trading for $ 2, does not mean its cheap. But there is One Major factor in my decisions – the stage of development the company is now in. Although those prices in late 90′s and early 2000′s were fantasy ( for most part, ex DNA ( Genentech ) – ) I look at the price valuations Now, and how so much further the pipe lines are along in development and decide to take the risk. That, and the development of DNA and RNA sciences in the past 10 years. Yes, ‘ Hope ‘ is the word I use, but not in the stock trading sense ( as one must weight the facts ), but ‘ Hope ‘ that some these guys can get it right and give people a second chance at life.

  5. ... [#112301]
    By: davefairtex (5215 comments) Go to top ↑
    • While it is good that the FBI did its job, this guy is... [#112319]
      By: Ynot (235 comments) Go to top ↑

      While it is good that the FBI did its job, this guy is small fry, and a sacfricial lamb for the masses.

      I remember the ‘inside’ jokes in the 80′s and 90′s when I worked on Bay St., sort of like the ones we hear about lawyers and sharks. One of the jokes concerned the name of the hypothetical brokerage, “Dewey, Churnham & Howe” when the focus was to grind out at least 5% commissions from your ‘book’.

      But the one that really stuck out in my mind back then, and is especially relevant now, went like this: “Welcome to (name of any HB&B firm), where Your money and the HB&B experience will soon turn into HB&B’s money and YOUR experience.”

      Consider what happened at MF Global – what was once an inside joke has become today’s reality.

  6. Silver is up +2.1% and Gold up over +1%. This is what... [#112302]
    By: Bill Cara (4105 comments) Go to top ↑

    Silver is up +2.1% and Gold up over +1%.

    This is what happens with QE. PBOC threw in the towel re restraint apparently, and I would now anticipate the same from other countries.

    • I bought CEF.A first thing this morning. Too bad I just... [#112306]
      By: 14them34me (295 comments) Go to top ↑

      I bought CEF.A first thing this morning. Too bad I just sold my MUX yesterday (but that’s how it is sometimes). I was looking over many charts last night and felt that Gold is ready to jump. I was gonna post my opinion about Gold but thought who would read it at 2 am EST.

      Get ready for a rock and roll day ……

    • Jesse's cafe reports seeing a higher NAV premium on gold... [#112329]
      By: Les (7233 comments) Go to top ↑

      Jesse’s cafe reports seeing a higher NAV premium on gold over silver for the first time ever. Something this out of the ordinary is worth keeping an eye on:

      Silver has a much higher beta than gold. If this continues, if the gold premium continues to exceed silver, it would suggest a clear signal that at least some market participants are pricing in an unusual financial event.

      • Les, I have been showing the $SILVER:$GOLD ratio charts... [#112331]
        By: Bill Cara (4105 comments) Go to top ↑


        I have been showing the $SILVER:$GOLD ratio charts that have been showing the best alternative is silver, which is almost always the case in a PM bull phase.

        Also today, $SILVER is up +2.40% and $GOLD +1.0%.

        • yeh seen Bill, and I have skin in silver taking the lead in... [#112336]
          By: Les (7233 comments) Go to top ↑

          yeh seen Bill, and I have skin in silver taking the lead in this rally. Just a curiosity I want to point out. As for the equity cycle, couldn’t help but notice this being trumpeted:

          FT: Wall Street at cyclical high as rally builds; Euro hits seven-week peak as debt tensions ease

  7. It's so nice to see GLD getting a nice pop this AM. It's... [#112303]
    By: ea32da32 (2362 comments) Go to top ↑

    It’s so nice to see GLD getting a nice pop this AM. It’s not participated with the rest of the market, yet. I added Oct calls yesterday to my Sept calls. I’m looking at some resistence at $162.50 area – maybe we get there this week;-) Likewise SLV – I don’t have a position having failed to jump on yesterdsay morning – too busy looking at other things…

    good luck

  8. Major blow to the head! WOW - it 'seems' to have a direct... [#112304]
    By: ea32da32 (2362 comments) Go to top ↑

    Major blow to the head! WOW – it ‘seems’ to have a direct correlation to GLD like 1/1. I’m watching how they both react on the 3 min chart.

    edit – IBM getting hit pretty hard too

  9. Good morning. Sorry to be so late....composter... [#112305]
    By: Bull Hunter (3552 comments) Go to top ↑

    Good morning.

    Sorry to be so late….composter problems.

    ABB – ABB downgraded to Sell from Hold at Deutsche Bank based on increased competition from Chinese players, weakening demand growth, and slowing renewable government investments. Price target lowered to $15 from $17.50.

    CELG – numbers raised at Jefferies. Shares of CELG now seen reaching $81, Jefferies said. Estimates also raised on Myeloma survey. Buy rating.


    “The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver.” ~ Jay Leno

  10. Broke resistance today in the opening. The resistance was... [#112310]
    By: Sync (166 comments) Go to top ↑

    Broke resistance today in the opening. The resistance was quite significant as it had not only a gann level and fibb retracement, but I recall someone mentioning there was also an ema at around 3.70.

    I haven’t been able to find any news report that could have supported this jump, however I believe that this large jump is due to breaking the resistance. I bought some this morning due to this break, however I am being cautious as I do not yet know of the reasoning behind the initial move.

    If it is able to hold above the resistance of 3.60, it now has a strong support at that level, and a new fibb retracement resistance at about 4.00.

    If I see it fall below 3.60, I will dump the shares that I have.

    • No news just the more up in silver that started yesterday... [#112313]
      By: lowpickr (153 comments) Go to top ↑

      No news just the more up in silver that started yesterday and gold& silver today with the China QE news.

      Intermediate term it is important to keep in mind the coming rights offering and how it will play out. It will be done at a discount to the market price at the time so there could be some selling to exercise rights. Also, maybe they may change plans some if there is continued strength in the gold and stock price.

      • All of my gold stocks are up significantly. It must be the... [#112322]
        By: Sync (166 comments) Go to top ↑

        All of my gold stocks are up significantly. It must be the overall market.

        TA has a hard time when the general market moves on good news ie. The china QE news.

        If anyone is interested, I will continue to post updated TA on MUX.

        • keep at it please...and any others. Everyone has opinions... [#112326]
          By: 14them34me (295 comments) Go to top ↑

          keep at it please…and any others. Everyone has opinions, right or wrong. I like reading what other thinks. May not agree at times, but just may be it’s something I haven’t thought of and it’s a revelation to me.

          • MUX has a mind of its own. Bear in mind that when it was... [#112354]
            By: Ventilation Blues (164 comments) Go to top ↑

            MUX has a mind of its own. Bear in mind that when it was UXG it was around the $9 mark in April 2011. It can return to that price again but it also has this terrible habit of surging and selling off dramatically, and no one can figure out why. Its still not clear to me why it dropped from $9 to this day. Anyway, for this reason alone, depending on who is jumping onto the stock (is it institutional investors algorithms buying in and selling?) , MUX can fly high or soar low. For me I’m just sitting out a huge drop since I went loyally long with UXG/MUX and suffered. People speak highly of McEwen, so its not unreasonable to assume, given his plans for the company and that he is a hard working and clever individual, it can return to those prices again. But do you have the nerve for such a roller coaster when there are much more stable investment choices out there?

          • ALOHA!! Its still not clear to me why it dropped from $9... [#112356]
            By: kaimu (3289 comments) Go to top ↑


            Its still not clear to me why it dropped from $9 to this day.

            Actually there was one more symbol prior to UXG and I bought the company the first day that McEwen announced he was CEO of US Gold. On that day you could buy shares for $0.65, whereas the prior day it closed at $0.35. What was that symbol USGLF??? I think so but it has been awhile …

            Anyway, aside from ROB POWER what McEwen had promised was to consolidate the Carlin Trend by buying up some eight exploration companies in Nevada. Off the share price went UP & UP & UP on that basis. As I recall he failed to buy them all as one or two held out. Then the first drill results started to come in and that’s when I sold. The business model McEwen built the entire company around crumbled. Next thing I knew he was in Mexico. Now he’s in Argentina, even more south of the Carlin Trend. The Carlin consolidating never panned out. That is why the shares crashed from $9 to where they are today. Not rocket science or mysteries or shorts, just plain old fundamentals of a failed business plan. How often do you hear about the Carlin Trend now? Luckily for shareholders McEwen pulled a rabbit out of his hat in Mexico and Argentina or else the shares would be even lower than they are now. That is the mark of a good CEO aside from owning 20% of the company! Still I took my 1200% gain and moved on …

          • ha ha .. thanks Kaimu .. 1200%!! ... We'll , for now I will... [#112357]
            By: Ventilation Blues (164 comments) Go to top ↑

            ha ha .. thanks Kaimu .. 1200%!! … We’ll , for now I will just keep my fingers crossed that McEwen had more than one rabbit hidden inside his hat.

  11. Placebo Effect Rivals Steroid Benefit for Asthmatics;... [#112309]
    By: ea32da32 (2362 comments) Go to top ↑

    Placebo Effect Rivals Steroid Benefit for Asthmatics;

    One of the more interesting items I came across in the video series was the statement that the placebo effect is up 100% in the past 30 years – that’s an average effectiveness rate from 30% 30 years ago to an average 60% effectiveness today. Susan Joy Rennison stated that this is messing with the heads of the pharmaceutical industry in a real way – but the information is not exactly being put out there for the public to notice – actually most of the public probably would not notice anyway hehehe.

    edit – Bas; Very interesting – maybe that is why the bio’s are getting the attention. Rennison mentioned specifically the older drugs can’t compete with the placibo.

    HD – just put a little tiny short on.
    COH – continue to hold puts
    GLD – sold sept calls – holding Oct calls
    DNDN – remains in the 7/31/12 gap – looking for more upside I hope!
    IWM – three days outside the top of Kchannel-13 bands – rare.

  12. To an extent, the market is trading on the belief that more... [#112312]
    By: Ron Sen (975 comments) Go to top ↑

    To an extent, the market is trading on the belief that more easing is coming (China, Europe)…

    The more the belief in easing with attendant market rallying, the less likely the Fed (election year, new highs nearby) actually does ease. IIRC, Bush I blamed Greenspan for not easing for his loss to Clinton.

  13. While SPX is working its way through 52 week highs, the... [#112315]
    By: davefairtex (5215 comments) Go to top ↑

    While SPX is working its way through 52 week highs, the spanish IBEX is trying to nose its way through the falling 200 MA. This is the third day of hovering beneath the 200. If it gets through, that should be a positive sign for europe. A hopeful note is SAN (santander bank) which has moved above its 200 MA just this morning. If it is true that banks lead these sorts of rallies, I think this bodes well for risk on in general. ($ESDOW is another spanish market index that is updated in realtime; $IBEX is only updated EOD on stockcharts)

    Positive moves are continuing in both bonds and stocks of all the PIGS this morning. That tells me money continues to flow into these countries. Rising yields in long bonds of safe haven countries is another bit of evidence of risk on trading.

    I almost forgot to mention, $XEU gapped through its declining 50 MA.

    I have no position.

  14. ... [#112316]
    By: davefairtex (5215 comments) Go to top ↑


  15. [#112317]
    By: baz22 (2875 comments) Go to top ↑…….. In full disclosure, I own this equity. It was known as AVII untill this year. We talked about it alot last year here on the board. The ‘ powers that be ‘ decided to run it down to $ .50 cents, although the company insiders were buying heavy at $ 2.00 and down. The 1 for 6 reverse split was necessary to survive in the ‘ market ‘. Those that followed it knew the potential. Only time will tell, but this one is a good example of a company doing what it takes to keep their dream and ‘ hope ‘ alive…. all the best, baz.

  16. [#112318]
    By: baz22 (2875 comments) Go to top ↑…….. In full disclosure, I own this equity. It was known as AVII untill this year. We talked about it alot last year here on the board. The ‘ powers that be ‘ decided to run it down to $ .50 cents, although the company insiders were buying heavy at $ 2.00 and down. The 1 for 6 reverse split was necessary to survive in the ‘ market ‘. Those that followed it knew the potential. Only time will tell, but this one is a good example of a company doing what it takes to keep their dream and ‘ hope ‘ alive…. all the best, baz.

  17. Parked right at the fib... [#112323]
    By: ea32da32 (2362 comments) Go to top ↑

    Parked right at the fib 50%

  18. ... [#112332]
    By: Bill Cara (4105 comments) Go to top ↑
  19. If we all laugh, maybe he feels ashamed and goes home... [#112338]
    By: jock (1011 comments) Go to top ↑

    If we all laugh, maybe he feels ashamed and goes home …

  20. someone bought 200 of the 45sept puts so I'm watching this... [#112337]
    By: ea32da32 (2362 comments) Go to top ↑

    someone bought 200 of the 45sept puts so I’m watching this too. the chart is starting to struggle a bit.

    edit – not much volume on SPY – probably a bear trap. work tonight – catch you’ll later;-)


  21. Can anything come of of this that can propel the markets... [#112340]
    By: lowpickr (153 comments) Go to top ↑

    Can anything come of of this that can propel the markets tomorrow? I feel it may only be a neutral to negative. With the SPX touching 4 years highs this morning and Lockhart saying this morning he is now in the No-QE camp, anything pointing to QE in the minutes (from July) may be ignored. I see further consolidation and maybe gold selloff back to 1600.

    “Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart in a speech today kept further monetary ease in the “iffy” column. He noted that it is still appropriate to keep the fed funds rate exceptionally low through 2014. However, he stated that it is not appropriate to use monetary policy too aggressively without fiscal reform. He views recent economic data as firmer. Repeating earlier positions, he says it is appropriate to weigh costs and benefits of any additional stimulus. Essentially, Lockhart is keeping options open but does not appear to be leaning toward new policy moves. “

    • lowpickr, Once again a regional Fed president intervened... [#112342]
      By: Bill Cara (4105 comments) Go to top ↑


      Once again a regional Fed president intervened to upset the market. Why are these people always in our faces? Are they afraid that independent traders and free capital markets are bad for America?

      What we need is for Dennis Lockhart and his colleagues to speak up in the regularly held FOMC meetings, and for the minutes/reports to more fully communicate their views. Otherwise, we need a sole spokesperson for the Fed and we need to hear from him or her not more than once a quarter, if at all.

      Btw, the Weekly EMA for $XEU (Euro) is now 139.92 and the latest price is 124.70. The typical cycle following a cross-over of the kind we’ve had this week lasts some six to 13 weeks or longer. I think there may have been a significant trend reversal that favors a rising Euro — as I pointed out a couple weeks ago was possibly happening.

      There are no absolutes when trading, but this is an important process that may be unfolding.

  22. This is an interesting... [#112341]
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    This is an interesting read:

    I have no position in RIM, however it is intriguing to learn that phone companies must woo carriers before advertising their products to consumers.

  23. I wonder how many of us realize that Barrick's founder and... [#112345]
    By: Bill Cara (4105 comments) Go to top ↑

    I wonder how many of us realize that Barrick’s founder and chairman Peter Munk is now almost 85, and that when he dumped CEO Aaron Regent in June this year he also installed John Thornton, the chairman of the Brookings (er Rockefeller) Institution and a former president of Goldman Sachs, as co-chairman of the Board.

  24. Because we can REALLY feel good about our clown - Phyllis... [#112351]
    By: jock (1011 comments) Go to top ↑

    Because we can REALLY feel good about our clown – Phyllis Diller! She lived here for many years in a leafy suburb:

    And 10 miles west, lived Todd Achin’ – whose medieval ideas about women MAY just save Missouri from passing control of the Senate to the Plutocrat party.

    (don’t worry, I don’t like the dems any better …)

  25. ... [#112352]
    By: Dr. Strangelove (2004 comments) Go to top ↑
  26. [#112353]
    By: baz22 (2875 comments) Go to top ↑……… Fleck summed it up tonight ( as he has talked about this possibility ) .. ” Draghi has hinted he could focus on the short end of the curve as a way to deal with broken monentary transmission mechanisms. Now this convertibility risk wrinkle is another way for them to rationalize bond purchases in a more or less unlimited quantity. In other words, this will allow them to become The Fed “…

  27. ... [#112359]
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